Custom Jewelry

Turn your idea into reality

Don't settle for the plain old jewelry you see in every jewelry store. Make something unique you can be proud of!

Creating custom pieces for all your jewelry needs.

One of our favorite parts of the jewelry industry is custom design. We start with something as basic as a picture, or hand sketch and turn it into an amazing finished product. You get to be part of the entire process from the computer CAD, to wax, to casting. We work with some of the best custom designers and stone setters in the nation. Our people specialize in hand engraving, hand wiring and micro pave’ setting. They are truly artists!

Let us help you design your jewelry.

Do you have a drawing or picture of a piece of jewelry you would like made? Trust our jewelry professionals to create the exact replica so you get your own piece of beautiful jewelry.

Give your loved one a special gift!

Creating your customized jewelry isn't as expensive as you think it may be. We can work with your budget to design a piece that works for you. 

Do you want to design something special for a loved one? Come in and work with our friendly experts who have a combined over 31 years of experience. We offer micro pave' setting, engraving, and hand wiring.